Watching Die Hard 5 without subtitles is testing my Russian comprehension skills but it’s really cool because I’ve been everywhere in the movie!

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Snow in Kronstadt, Russia

Went exploring with Taylor and Sean. We wanted to explore several forts but they were blocked by water and military fences. First the plane, now this. Why does Russia not like urbex?

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Argh. I am so irritated. I lost my metro card with a full month of travel on it. I just went through my entire room and couldn’t find it. I don’t want to have to buy metro tokens for the rest of the month. Someone that likes math, you should help me really quick. My last day here is Dec. 13. I take a bus twice a day at 25 RUB each time. The metro costs 28 RUB each time. I take it probably ten times each week. A card costs 1025 RUB plus 28 RUB to get down there. Is it worth it for me to get a new metro card?

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Getting out of bed when it’s pitch black out



This is actually the worst thing. It’s not even like I’m gettting up early. I wake up at nine and it isn’t light outside until almost noon. Ridiculous. 

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Just checked into our hotel in Estonia. So far, I can see three couples having sex from my window and Amy puked in Riley’s room. Tonight is going to be interesting.

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Kinda just spammed my Instagram

Got a cupcake at The Cookie Shop.
Explored a camera store in Gostiny Dvor.
Looked through the market by the Church of Out Saviour on Spilled Blood.
Tiffany matched the Burberry car.

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Woah wait, hold up. Doesn’t it mean “have,” too? Does it not work that way? Crap.

Woah wait, hold up. Doesn’t it mean “have,” too? Does it not work that way? Crap.

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